Faucet Brass Chromed RGB Colors Change Led Tap

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1.LED colour: RED / GREEN / BLUE (Temperature detectable), it will change its color by detecting water temperature.
2.Material: Solid Brass & Tempered Glass.
3.Solid brass construction body, elegant Chrome finish ..
4.Water Powered., No need battery
5.Come with hot & cold water hoses, conncet hose (three hoses, all the accessorise)
6.Brass handle, embedded ceramic cartridge (lifetime> 600,000 cycles)
7.Rotate handle shall return to neutral position when valve is turned off.
8.Maximum 1.5 gpm flowrate 60 PSI (5.7L / min)
9.Water Pressure: 0.6 0.05 MPa
10.Package: Neutral inner box with foam
11.Easy to install.
When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically;
A. When water temperature is <30C, Blue color will show automatically;
B. When water temperature is between 31C ~ 43C, Green color will show automatically;
C. When water temperature is between 43 C ~ 50 C , Red color will show automatically;
D. When water temperature is above 50 C , Red color will flash immediately
E.When the water temperature exceeds 51 C , you should be careful to avoid being burned oh, the red flashes to remind