Electric automatic Pasta maker

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Power (W): 250w
Material: Plastic
Voltage:: 220V/50Hz
Product name:: Multifunctional automatic noodle machine
Color selection: red green
Rated capacity:: 200-600G


Reference table of flour and water ratio Meals for 2-3 people. Two flat cups of flour (350G) with water (vegetable juice/juice) 155ML is fine, if you are making egg noodles, add 50G of egg and 105ML of water Meals for 4-5 people flour (500G) with water (vegetable juice/juice) 210ML is fine, if it is to make egg noodles, add egg 75G and water 135ML The way to make dumpling wrappers is to add three flat cups of flour (500G) and water (vegetable juice/juice) 210ML. Generally can be based on the amount of water cup and flour cup To mix with water and flour For example, a large grid of water on the measuring cup and a cup of flour with a flour cup is about (175 grams) Two cups of water and two cups of flour (350g) on ​​the cup Three cups of water on the water cup, the maximum amount of flour for three cups with flour cup (500g) For the vegetable and fruit noodles, the vegetable and fruit should be beaten into juice and then added. usage. , First add the flour, seal it, close the lid, press the switch, press the cup button for a cup of flour, press the button for two cups of flour, and press the button for three cups for three cups of flour, and then wait for the automatic appearance. If you know how to operate during the operation, you can contact.

According to this formula, the following noodles can be made Chive Leaf Noodles /Thin Round Noodles /Goku Noodles /Medium Wide Noodles /Mitsubishi Noodles /Extra Wide Noodles Sliced ​​noodles / Longxu noodles / Extra thick noodles / Thick round noodles / Cat ears / Four aspects